Places of interest in Florianopolis

Many tourists from all over the world get captivated by the innate beauty and magnificence there is in the city of Florianopolis. The capital city of the state of Santa Catarina, the city boasts of its beautiful beaches that serve as a haven for surfing enthusiasts and landmarks that tell the story of Florianopolis’s history and culture.

Here are some of them:

Barra da Lagoa

A village on the city’s borders, Barra da Lagoa has been attracting many visitors for years now because of its several interesting sights. Among these are the houses surrounding it that are all painted in blue. It also boasts of its sandy beaches, and a spot to get 360 º views of the waters it encompasses.

The Nossa Senhora da Conceição church is another attraction not to be missed when in Barra da Lagoa. Built in 1730, the structure will also give you a glimpse of the village during the old world.

Festa da Tainha

With origins from the Azoreans, the Festa da Tainha is among the most colorful and lively festivals in Floripa – a name that also refers to Florianopolis. Observed from the 25th to the 28th of July, the heart of the festival’s celebration is in the suburbs of Barra da Lagoa. Taking the limelight during these times is the Brazilian dish known as “tanha” or grey mullets. Included in the attractions during the festival are the dances and music coming from Portugal’s different parts, particularly from the Azores, of course.

Fort Santana

Located on Hercilio Luz Bridge’s foot, Fort Santana is often considered to be one of Floripa’s finest tourist attractions. It is here where the Museum of Weapons of the Military Police – a museum showcasing a wide collection of army clothes and weapons from the past – is situated.

Constructed in the 1960s, the main function of the fort was to provide protection to the Town of Our Lady of Desterro, which is the city itself. A few meters away from the road of Maria Rita, the fort can be reached either by car or on foot.

Museum of Anthropology

One of the city’s most popular museums, the Museum of Anthropology is headquartered on the University campus. Among its prided collections are the shell-mounds also called as sambaquis which are accumulations of shells? It also showcases skeletons and remains of cooking utensils from the native Indians who used to inhabit the Atlantic coast. Domestic tools and equipment used by the original Azorean settlers can also be found in the museum.

These are just some of the places and things a tourist must visit and experience in the city of Florianopolis. Once there, you’ll be able to discover more of these interesting spots.