São Paulo cuisine

São Paulo cuisine

São Paulo is a haven for those who love good cuisines. Regarded as the land of all flavors, the city has a lot in store when it comes to both national and international dishes. In fact, not so many tourists know that São Paulo has more restaurants than London or Paris, with most of these establishments having a vast gastronomic offering. Thus, the city is also regarded one of the world’s biggest gastronomic centers.


Where to…


With about 30,000 restaurants found in São Paulo, tourists and locals alike will not have a hard time finding for great food in the city. For instance, Pinacoteca and Luz Station, which is inhabited by immigrants of various nationalities, can be a place to find Korean, Bulgarian, and Greek restaurants.


For those who are in a budget, São Paulo also have small cafés and restaurants that serve lunch by the kilo – meaning your dish is weighed and just pay it accordingly. Aside from paying only what you are to eat, this set up also allows the establishments to cater to its many customers.


For the best Oriental delicacies in São Paulo, the district of Liberdade is the best place to be.


What to…


Aside from Japan, São Paulo may be one place with the most sushi. It is thus safe to say that sushi is among the must-try food in the city. On Sundays, many of the Paulistanos (the people in São Paulo are called) feast on pizzas. If you are in the city on a weekend, trying on some of the city’s pizzas would sure be pleasurable.


Generally, dishes in São Paulo are fried, with onions and garlic almost never missing in any recipe. Many restaurants in the city, particularly those that are called comida mineira, serve feijoda which is rice mixed with manioc flour, black bean stodge, and pork scrap. Although this is a typical dish from Minas Gerais, São Paulo do add its own ‘flavor’ to the dish to make it extra special.


Known for being real ‘carnivores’, the Paulistinos are fond of steak houses as well. When in the city, do not miss a visit to restaurants called Rodizios or Churrascarias. These are steak houses that for a flat rate already allow you to eat how much meat you can. And because the people in the city really love meat, you need not worry of the meat quality as they are assured of its excellence. In fact, only gross salt is used for the meat and no sauce is added anymore.


Tourists will never be hungry in São Paulo! With that said, it’s also not a place to be slim.