Itineraries Olinda

If you think you’ve had enough of Olinda offerings then try to see other places of interest near the city. Beyond the city borders, you’ll find a number of attractions too that will help make the most of your visit to Olinda. Among these places are Recife, Igarassú, and Ilha de Itamaracá.


Only about 6 kilometers away from Olinda, Recife, which is the capital of Pernambuco state, has many interesting spots that are worth the visit. One of Brazil’s largest cities, Recife has many amazing beaches, churches, and museums. It’s actually safe to say that the city can equal Olinda when it comes to cultural and historical value.


Boa Viagem Beach, which is one of the best urban beaches throughout the world, is located in Recife. Showcasing its pristine white sands, the beach is a great place to get a tan or simply enjoy a relaxing time with friends and family.


Recife has several interesting churches for tourists coming from Olinda to appreciate. Included in the city’s interesting churches are the Convento Franciscano de Santo Antônio which is one of Recife’s biggest attractions being among the country’s most beautiful churches with Baroque style, and the Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Homens Pretos which was built in the 17th Century by African-Brazilian slaves.


A few of the many interesting museums in Recife include the Ricardo Brennand Institute which has a huge collection of artifacts from the 15th to the 19th centuries; the Abolition Museum which used to be a plantation house; and the Value Museum which showcase over 7,000 historic coins not just from the country but from various parts of the world as well.


Igarassú is another interesting place to visit that’s close to Olinda. Like, the city, Igarassú also features a number of historical structures. It is here where the St. Cosmas and Damian Church, Brazil’s oldest church (built in 1535) is situated.

Ilha de Itamaracá

Ilha de Itamaracá has many beautiful beaches. However, the city is more known being the home of the Centro Cultural de Lia which is a cultural center dedicated to ciranda which is a local rhythm. The IBAMA Centro Peixe Boi, which is a center focused on preserving sea cow, and the Forte Orange, which is Dutch fortress from the 17th Century are not to be missed when visiting the area as well.


So when you think you have already exhausted the sceneries and attractions in Olinda, feel free to get out its territories and discover the beauty of its neighboring places.