Travelling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Travelling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Next to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is among Brazil’s major transportation hubs. To get to the city, here are some means:


On a Plane


Both domestic and international flights make their landing at the Galeão – Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport, or the Galeão International Airport as it is popularly known. From the center of the city, the airport is only 20 kilometers away; making it close to the main hotels that tourists can stay in.


The Santos Dumont Airport on the other hand, caters flights from São Paulo only (and from a few domestic destinations). It is located by the Bay of Guanabara, right next to the center of the city. Among the airlines that fly here are Varig, GOL, OceanAir, TAM and Team.


On a Bus


The city’s bus station called the Rodoviária Novo Rio is located at the neighbourhood of North Zone’s Santo Cristo. From there, via coach buses or taxis, you can get to the South Zone in about 15 minutes. These public transports also connect you to the city center and to the main hotel areas of Ipanema and Copacabana.


On a Car


The city of Rio de Janeiro is linked by various roads going to its neighbouring cities and states. Main interstate highways that pass through the city are BR-116, which goes to Brazil’s southern region, it is also called as Rodovia Presidente Dutra; BR-101, which leads to the country’s north and northwest side; and BR-040, taking you to the western and central areas.