Salvador beaches

Salvador da Bahia beaches

Situated within the Bay of all Saints, Salvador is surrounded by beaches that will definitely delight locals and tourists alike. Often visited, especially during the weekend, the beaches in the city are perfect spots to chill, relax, socialize, eat and drink, and of course swim and do water sports.


Below are some of the top beaches in the Bahian capital:


Porto da Barra


One of the city’s old beaches, Porto de Barra was interestingly the place for the state’s first European settlement. It is set within the bay, thus boasts of calmer waters compared to those beaches located on the Oceanside. It is a perfect place to swim and hangout with your family and friends.


Just a tip for tourists, weekends in Porto de Barra can become too crowded with beachgoers, so keep an eye of your belongings; or better yet, schedule your visit on a weekday.


Farol da Barra


Farol da Barra showcases the famous lighthouse which features a spectacular view of the city, particularly in the afternoons, during sunset. The beach closest to the lighthouse is a bit rocky but it has several protected pools, which makes it ideal for kids to swim on. The far end of the beach is often considered a surfer territory due to its good and large tides.


Jaguaribe Beach


Located 19 kilometers from the downtown area, Jaguaribe Beach is one of the city’s most famous beaches. Its calm sea and natural pools are among its come-ons to tourists, particularly those with kids. Its shorelines have kiosks equipped with bathrooms and showers. At night, these kiosks also become venues for beach parties.


Itapuã Beach


Often referred to by the songs and poetries of the late, Vinícius de Moraes, the Itapuã Beach is popular for its lighthouse, the Farol de Itapoan. Here, one will enjoy its natural turquoise pools that are formed during low tides. To make the beach visit better, it also has kiosks that serve fresh seafood and local appetizers.



The Plakaford Beach was coined after a huge sign of Ford automobiles placed along the road in the area; placa is a Portuguese term for sign. The beach’s calm waters are just among the reasons why it is a paradise for families with kids.

A visit to Salvador is never complete without a trip to the beach – so pack those swimsuits and sunblocks because you are in for a “sunny” experience in the city.