Places of interest in Salvador

Places of interest in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador will never disappoint tourists with its many interesting places and attractions. From historic and religious sites to landmarks, a day in the city will not be enough to feast your eyes on everything there is in this Bahian capital!


Here are among the places of interest you should not miss when in Salvador:


Historic and Religious Sites


Casa de Jorge Amado




Open from Mondays through Saturdays from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, the Casa de Jorge Amado is an historic site dedicated to one of the country’s most beloved writers, Jorge Amado. The place is the writer’s former house and now features a collection of his works, including book covers in various languages.


Solar do Unhão

Avenida Contorno, Comercio, Cidade Baixa


The Solar is an old sugar mill which consists of many heritage buildings dating from the 18th century all beautifully preserved to give tourists that lovely stone courtyard setting. Aside from exploring the various structures, the main building in the Solar has a modern art museum for those interested in contemporary art.

Every Saturday, from 6 in the evening, there is a live jazz performance in the place that would make its R$4 admission worth it.


Nosso Senhor do Bonfim

Largo do Bonfim


The Nosso Senhor do Bonfim is the city’ s most famous church. Tourists and locals alike come to this religious site for its reputation for granting miracles. An 18th century-structure, the church is decorated of various hanging body parts made of plastic, wood, and some, even made of gold.

Catedral Basílica

Terreiro de Jesus s/n, Pelourinho


Dating from the 17th century, the church is well-regarded for its impressive craftsmanship. Its many altars are made from cedar with some covered with a thin gold layer – the high altar alone has 18 pillar all covered with gold.



Forte São Marcelo

Access from the Terminal Maritimo da Bahia



Referred to by writer, Jorge Amado as the “belly button of Bahia”, the perfectly round fort of Forte São Marcelo is admired by many visitors for its shape. Built originally in 1650, the area has a lot of pretty cool stuff to impress on-lookers.


Mercado Modelo

Praça Cayru



A favorite destination among tourists, the Mercado Modelo is formerly the Customs building a former slave warehouse. The place houses a wide range of Bahian offerings ranging from crafts to arts, to souvenirs.


These are just a few of the places to check when in Salvador. Be warned that a day will not be enough to fully appreciate these city offerings.