Rainforest for kids

Rainforests are very vital to each person’s survival here on Earth. Such that, there is really a need for us, especially the kids to fully understand what it is all about and what it has something to do with our existence. Consequently, children of today actually already have ideas concerning global threats. Moreover, they can now even talk about the Amazon with their friends and parents. However, in a practical manner, they can barely share enough even how the clouds look like and how the climate of the rainforest slowly pulls down their sweat. For them to practically understand, discover and learn more certain information and facts about rainforests, why not take the kids closer back to nature? By this way, kids will be able to go out from their usual borderlines—playing the usual toys and activities all over again.

As parents, you may now have a lot of choices and options to give to your kids in terms of immersing them to the entity of Mother Nature. Hence, choosing a safer place to let them enjoy their adventure shall always be one of your basic considerations.

If you want to go somewhere not that far from the towns of civilization but still can experience the impact of the abundant biodiversity, the Children’s Rainforest Garden located at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens will let you worry no more. This magnificent duplication of the rainforest’s ecosystem is known to be a natural place for youngsters and their families to appreciate more the living and rich natural resources. It can be a great avenue for them to experience outdoor play at its best with fun discoveries and learning. The first spot you must consider is the Banyan tree, the garden’s centerpiece where under it, is an area where parents can relax while letting their kids freely play, explore and interact with other children around the garden. Other activities and sceneries include waterfall, forest pool, Canopy Walk and Rope Bridge, Research Station, tree house, Fern Canyon, Amazon village and the Adventure trail.

Travelling with kids is not an easy task to handle for it requires extra efforts from parents and elders. That’s why; other options for children of all ages are now totally available especially for kindergarten pupils. They can now actually have a virtual rainforest tour without going out with their classrooms through visiting websites offering an in-depth view of the rainforest life and the diverse ecosystem with information about it. As much as possible, teachers must be responsible in managing the technology. Moreover, kids can make their own rainforest out of colored papers, pens and crayons. Trees, flowers, animals and insects of their choices can be made and accomplished from these raw materials.


On the other hand, general tips in every family’s specific jungle adventure must be kept in mind. These are some of those helpful tips: Choose an adventure as a family. Meaning, you shall consider and choose suitable adventures as a family including your kids of all ages. Through this decision-making process, your kids will be able to anticipate possible challenges that they might encounter along the tours like strange people, language, foods etc. Second, research the area through encouraging your kids to watch films and read books to help them eventually think critical questions while on the tour. Thirdly, always consider health precautions of your kids. Know their bodies’ limits of immunity beforehand to have a smooth-flow travel without being anxious of their health conditions along the way. Bringing a first-aid kit with you, such as Band-Aid, medicines for itchiness, diarrhea and others will somehow help you medicate immediately certain health problems. Also, don’t forget to bring your kids’ insect repellants during jungle tours. Lastly, you must make sure to pack the proper essentials of your kids like their favorite portable game gadgets and books. See to it that you’ll put these stuffs in your carry-ons for them to access these easily during long flights and travel. Thus, before travelling to rainforests, you should pack appropriately considering the typical factors like climate, people, foods and unavoidable challenges of the area.

Since the children of today are the future caretakers of nature; by letting them explore the beauty and significance of our bountiful natural resources, it will then be an easy avenue for them to put in their mind sets how vitality comes first if rainforests are on the spotlight of danger. Nevertheless, your never-ending guidance to your kids in every adventure will surely make each of your trips truly worry-free and just as simply magical as you want it to be.