Carnival in Olinda

Like most cities in Brazil, Olinda too loves to throw party through their carnivals. Although not as flamboyant and as extravagant as in the country’s bigger cities such as, Sao Paolo, Brasilia, and Rio de Janeiro, Olinda has its own offerings that would keep its tourists and locals entertained.

Every year, the city of Olinda organizes carnival programs to gather families and allow its visitors to experience and enjoy the city’s culture and merry-making. Aside from offering participants a number of street dancing, parties, songs, and music all throughout the city, carnival in Olinda also highlights the main feature of the city. – Its cultural and historical structures.

Thus, when coming in for the city’s carnival, look forward to appreciating its marvelous and beautiful cultural buildings. It is after all not declared a Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO for nothing.

Tourists, especially those who are first timers, would not have to worry about making the most of their Olinda carnival experience. The city, through its departments, has made sure visitors are provided with every service they need to enjoy the event. Included in these services are the city guards to secure people as they join in the celebration and the service emergency care for health emergencies.

The colors and life of Olinda carnivals are enough to keep tourists coming back in the city every year.