People from Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha has often been referred to by many Brazilians as the “Forbidden Island” not because of any illegal or suspicious reasons but because the archipelago is under the total control of the government. Its number of visitors per day, activities, and even its population are controlled by authority. This, however, did not limit the people in Fernando de Noronha to be warm, friendly, and hospitable to its visitors.

Interestingly, part of island’s over 2000 inhabitants descended from ex-inmates and jailers since the history of Fernando de Noronha would tell that the island has once been a maximum-security prison. These people all live in the only inhabited place in Fernando de Noronha: Vila dos Remedios, which is also the largest island in the archipelago.

Although there are only a few people who inhabit the island, tourists will find that these locals know the place too well they can actually be personal tour guides. You can ask them for a hitch to Fernando de Noronha’s famous attractions; even request them to assist you in your planned activities while on the island. And because the love and protection of nature have already been inculcated to these people, do not be offended if they reprimand you on anything that they find is “bad” for the environment.