Rio de Janeiro for adults

Rio de Janeiro for adults

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is famous not just for its magnificent beaches and spectacular attractions. The city, a major tourist destination, is also known for offering lively and exciting adult entertainment.


Adult Clubs


Coming in the form of strip clubs and termas (similar to brothels, although offering more), adult clubs in Rio de Janeiro are many. As a piece of advice though when planning to visit these places, make sure to bring enough cash or your credit card as most drinks and services, particularly in strip clubs, are very expensive.


Some of Rio’s top strip clubs are Barbarella (R. Ministro Viveiros de Castro 24, Copacabana/2275-7349), Doma (Av. Prado Júnior 63, Copacabana/2275-4899), Frank´s Bar (Av. Princesa Isabel 185B, Copacabana/2275-9398), Holiday (Av. Atlantica 1424, Copacabana/2542-4347), La Cicciolina (Av. Princesa Isabel 185D, Copacabana/2295-1394), and Scandinávia (Praça Mauá 19A, Centro/2263-6399). Of these clubs, the most famous is Barbarella; it is also among the most expensive ones. Based on this list, it is safe to assume that the heart of adult entertainment in Rio is in Copacabana.


Rio de Janeiro Termas offer many additional amenities to its customers’ brothel experience. It has a bar, sauna and bath, bedrooms, and even food. Most customers of the city’s Termas are businessmen trying to unwind and have fun after a day’s work. The entrance fee costs around R$50 and can sometimes include a drink already.




Motels in Rio de Janeiro are strictly for adults. Most of these establishments offer their facilities and services at quite reasonable prices for a short period – on average, around $10, which will already pretty nice bathrooms, new sheets, and a couple of fresh towels.


Cheap motels in Rio are usually located in Copacabana; most of them range from $10 for two hours or $25 for an overnight stay. Among the city’s most frequented motels are Copa Linda (Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copabana near Rua Bolivar), Diplomata (Avenida Princessa Isabel at Barata Ribeiro – Near the Meridien Hotel), and Lido (Corner of Rua Vivieros de Castro and Rual Ronald de Carvalho).


Rio de Janeiro for adults only proves the city’s dynamics, life, and vigour. An added attraction for mature tourists, these establishments for adult entertainment will make your stay in the city more unforgettable. But as they always say when you are in a foreign place: do not go out without taking extra care and precaution!