Itineraries in São Paulo

Itineraries in São Paulo

São Paulo is home to a number of beautiful attractions and a lot of cultural events and nightlife. However, if you wish to see more that’s beyond the city’s territories, you’ll be pleased to know that there are indeed several interesting places to see close to Sampa.


One of these is the Paulista Coast which is an hour drive away from the city. A typical region of the country, many Brazilians and tourists head to the place because of its great beaches and delicious seafood. To reach Paulista Coast, you can take a bus at the Terminal Rodoviario Tiete Bus Station at the Metrô Portuguesa-Tietê station. Aside from its beaches and seafood, tourists can also enjoy the state’s large Rodeos and upscale retreat venues.


Ilhabela is another interesting place to be close to the city. Known for its lavish vegetations, many sailers also consider the island as a “home away from home”.


Both an hour drive from Sampa, Santos and Guaruja also offer tourists something to visit and see. The first, which serves as home to Santos F.C., Pelé’s famous football team, is known to be the country’s most important seaport, while the second attracts visitors because of its splendid beaches which get crowded on summer months – from December to February.


Bertioga, a two-hour travel by car from the city, is a beach town that gets packed by tourists for its colorful annual fiestas such as for the Japanese on October, the Italians every November, and the Brazilian Indians every third weekend of April. When passing by the waterfall in a mountain via Moji das Cruze, savor the moment as you will not be able to see it anymore on your return trip.


For beautiful beach houses, São Sebastião is a good option, especially during summer months. Its rustic beaches offer tourists a great venue for lively nightlife. Another place to go for some great beaches is Ubatuba which is 3 hours away from Sampa. The city is also known to be fancied by many surfing enthusiasts for its big waves.


If you want to get something as souvenir that’s ‘uniquely’ Brazil, then Embu das Artes is one good option. Located just southwest of São Paulo, the town is the place to be to buy authentic Brazilian art, furniture, and handicrafts among others.


São Paulo may already offer you almost everything for a good vacation such as its wide range of attractions and nightlife, but you can always get something more if you wish to go beyond the city’s limits.