Travelling to Belo Horizonte


Before, traveling to Belo Horizonte would mean going on connecting flights. One would need to go to Rio or Sao Paolo first as direct flights to Belo Horizonte were not available yet. But that is already a thing of the past. Now you can choose from different airline companies that offer direct flights to Belo Horizonte.

The city has two airports, Aeroporto Confins, and Aeroporto da Pampulha. Aeroporto Confins is where you might be arriving in as this is Belo Horizonte’s international airport. Aeroporto da Pampulha on the other hand only handles flights from within the state and states adjoining Belo Horizonte.

The international airport is in Confins, one of the Belo Horizonte municipalities. It is considered as one of the finest in Latin America.

When you are already in Belo Horizonte and want to travel to surrounding cities and even to other states of Brazil, you may easily do so. Belo Horizonte is connected to the other cities of Minas Gerais and also to the other states of Brazil by a number of roadways. Minas Gerais actually has the largest highway network in the country.

If you want to take a bus to Belo Horizonte, you can also do so. Rodoviária, the city’s bus terminal, is located at the end of Av. Afonso Pena. If traveling from Brasilia, this will take you 10 hours. Sau Paolo will take 8 hours and Rio de Janeiro will take 7 hours to the city.