Deforestation is manifested by the deterioration of plants and animals. Unfortunately, this situation is also present even in the Amazons. Because of illegal logging and the unstoppable animal hunting, many of the rare and endangered species of the Amazon are all put in danger.

In Brazil for instance, the most obvious source of destruction of the Amazon was the rising cattle ranching which turned and dominated the forested lands to become non-forested ones. This has been also the issue during the late 1970s where an estimated figure of the causes of deforestation was shown. Accordingly, a large-scale of 60-70% cattle ranching contributed to the massive destruction of rainforest. Other activity which results to deforestation is the existence of agriculture in such a way poor farmers are encouraged to clear up lands by burning the intended land areas and eventually making it as a small-scale means of forming farmlands of their own. These activities all lead to forest degradation, loss of weed invasion, manifestations of thick smoke on forest and infertility of soils. With these kinds of instances, squatters transfer to other place to start clearing up the lands all over again. Also, commercial agriculture might as well be blamed by deforestation.

Like in the case of the Brazilian Amazon, soybeans become one of the huge contributors of deforestation since soybeans are greatly exported by the United States. More than that, on the 21st of May 2004, according to Philip Fearnside, co-author of a report in Science and member of Brazil’s National Institute for Amazonian Research in Manaus, soybean farming creates deforestation through certain clearing up of lands for expansion of many soybean farms. On the other hand, mining, infrastructure developments and road constructions also eventuate to this sort of environmental crisis; thus, really making deforestation an ultimate and obvious outcome of abusive human actions.

Preserving the nature and maintaining the ecosystem is what environmentalists are pushing through at the midst of technological modernization and globalization. In this sort of situation, a need for reforestation shall be put in hand by humans for the sake of rehabilitation of many deforested areas around the planet.