State of Alagoas

A small state in Brazil’s northeastern part, Alagoas lies between the states of Sergipe and Pernambuco. Much of the state’s fame can be attributed to Maceió, it’s capital, which is known throughout the region for its beautiful beaches.

Although many tourists come to Alagoas mainly for its magnificent natural surroundings, the state is still considered to be one of Brazil’s poorest states, contributing only 0.7% in the country’s economy.

Here are some of the other major cities in Alagoas:


Located 125 kilometers north of Maceió, Maragogi is inhabited by more than 25,000 people. Next to the capital city, it is among the main destinations of the state.

Initially, a small village known as Gamela, Maragogi was granted the Town status in 1887 where it adopted the name Isabel after the Brazilian Princess who ended slavery in Brazil through a signed law. In 1892, it was given the name Maragogi after the river bathing the city. Some historians say that the name came from the word “Marahub-gy” which means a river of the Marauba tribes.

Maragogi lies in the Coral Coast or the Costa dos Corais, thus it showcases 130 kilometers of continuous tropical reefs that are all living. Among the city’s major attractions is the “Gales” which is a group of tropical pools that form 6 kilometers from the beach on low tide.

Palmeira dos Índios

Palmeira dos Índios is lying on the western part of Alagoas. It has a population of over 69,000 inhabitants with an area of 461 square kilometers.

Located on the backwood region of the state, the city is where the Roman Catholic Diocese of Palmeira dos Índios sits. Graciliano Ramos, a famous Brazilian writer, used to be its mayor in 1927.

União dos Palmares

União dos Palmares has over 59,000 inhabitants. Its 428 square kilometers area is mainly agricultural and is largely dedicated to cattle and sugarcane. The city is being visited by more and more local and foreign tourists mainly for its natural and historical features.


The city of Arapiraca was founded in 1924. It is located 135.6 kilometers from Maceió and has more than 200,000 inhabitants. Arapiraca is famous for its tobacco, thus its title as “The Brazilian Tobacco Capital”.

Also included in Alagoas’ major cities are Coruripe, Marechal Deodoro, Penedo, Piranhas, Porto Calvo, and Porto de Pedras.

It may not be as rich as the bigger states in Brazil, Alagoas sure has a number of features that would attract tourists.