São Paulo for backpackers

São Paulo for backpackers

Because of São Paulo’s metropolitan lifestyle and mixed culture, more and more backpackers coming from all over the country as well as the world has shown interest on visiting it. Allowing an almost unlimited kind of flexibility in terms of your itinerary and budget, backpacking has increasingly been preferred a way of travel by many tourists.


In this page, you will find tips and tricks in exploring São Paulo as a backpacker.


Where to stay


As a backpacker, looking for a place that’s relatively inexpensive and comfortable is not a problem in São Paulo as the city offers a number of hostels that are often strategically located to give you ease in your São Paulo exploration. Among these hostels are the following:


Campos do Jordao Hostel

Rua Pereira Barreto, 22 – Vl.

Abernessia – Campos do Jordao

Tel: (12) 3662 2341


Featuring large and comfortable rooms, Campos do Jordao Hostel also have TV rooms and access to the internet. It serves a typical Brazilian breakfast so backpackers will have enough energy checking out the city.


Casa Club

Rua Mourato Coelho 973,

Vila Madalena.

Tel: (11) 3798 0051


The Casa Club offers suites and shared dormitories for both men and women backpackers. Its facilities include a bar that serves snacks along with live music.


Hostel Camburi

Rua Tijucas, 2300,

Camburi São Sebastiao 11600-000

Tel: (12) 3865 4160


A youth hostel located at the city’s north coast, Hostel Camburi is just 3 kilometers away from the Camburi Beach. It showcases large rooms along with outdoor swimming pool, cable TV, and a snooker room.


Staying safe


Crime is common in São Paulo being a major city and having a large population of people living in favelas (unauthorized settlements). To be safe, backpackers are advised to stay away from favelas or areas in proximity with it.


The best way to stay safe in São Paulo is to not make yourself an easy target. Items that are easy to detach, such as watches, mobile phones, and cameras among others attract thieves easily, thus, try not to show off these items when you are in the city’s public places. Avoid dark streets and alleys, and try asking the locals where the safest route to your hostel or any destination for that matter is. And as a general rule when traveling as a back packer, take extra care wherever you go and never leave without your common sense.