People from Florianopolis

Aside from its beautiful attractions, lively nightlife, and rich culture, one of the things that tourists will enjoy experiencing in Florianopolis is its people. With a total population of 980,396 in its metropolitan area, the people in Floripa – as the city is also called – are known to be fun-loving and warm individuals.

Many of Floripa’s people have made their marks worldwide in various fields. Here are some of the city’s notable personalities:


From a country who loves sports, a number of Floripa’s people have excelled in sports such as football, tennis, and swimming.

Among the popular football players from the city are Arthur Henrique Bernhardt, Denison Cabral, Douglas Franco Teixeira, Fábio Augusto Machado, Anderson Luiz Schweitzer, and Guillerme Madalena Siqueira.

In tennis, Gustavo Kuerten and Maria Fernanda Barbato Alves are just some of the city’s pride; the first even used to be the world’s number 1 in the field before he retired.

Fernando de Queiroz Scherer, on the other hand, is another famous personality excelling in the sport of swimming.


Florianopolis is also home to several fashion models such as Monique Grotto Olsen, who was once among the “Models to Watch for in 2006” of Vogue Italia; and Rafael Maximiliano Verga, who was named Male Model of the Year of Brazil in 2005.


In art, symbolist poet, João da Cruz e Sousa and 19th Century painter, Victor Meirelles de Lima are from Floripa as well.