People from Blumenau

Blumenau, a city in the state of Santa Catarina, is considered as one of the many cities in Brazil that has a high standard of living. In a study that was done in 2006, it was estimated that about 300,000 people were living in the city.

The first settlers in Blumenau were of German descent. In fact, its founder Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau was a German philosopher. Nowadays, German architecture, culture, and traditions are still evident in the city. Blumenau also has Italian ancestry.

Most of the population in Blumenau has is of white complexion. This comprises 94.55% of the total population in 2007. Next to this, having 3.50% of the population, are of brown complexion. But no matter what the race or color, inhabitants of Blumenau are generally kind and of good nature. The most

Blumenau was also home to many famous personalities. One of this is Fritz Müller, a German physician, and biologist that migrated to Blumenau. It was after him that the Müllerian mimicry was named after.

Other famous personalities from Blumenau are Vera Fischer and Tiago Splitter. Vera Fischer was a famous actress born in the city of Blumenau. Aside from the number of movies and TV shows that she starred in she was also crowned as Miss Brazil and got to compete for Miss Universe. Tiago Splitter who was also born in Blumenau is a professional basketball player that was drafted by the NBA team, San Antonio Spurs.