Itineraries João Pessoa

Known for its beautiful beaches and rich historical attractions, tourists will find a lot of things to see in the city of João Pessoa. However, getting out from its territories, visitors will be able to appreciate other interesting places near the city.

One of these places is Tambaba which is located 20 kilometers from the capital’s south. Known to be the country’s first regulated nudist beach, being nude in the place is not something to be shocked anymore. Yet for those who are not comfortable to being nude (or at least seeing someone nude) in public, there is also a part of the beach without nudism.

Sitting in the municipality of Pitambui, Tambaba is a short beach, stretching about 1 kilometer. It used to be inaccessible to visitors but through the ongoing development in its infrastructure, especially in the Ministro Abelardo Jurema highway, the route from João Pessoa to Tambaba has finally paved way for tourists to visit the beach conveniently.

Tambaba is considered to be among Brazil’s best beaches.

And so while you enjoy exploring every corner in João Pessoa, make sure that you also do not miss to see what is beyond it. Not only will this make the most of your vacation, but will also help you appreciate the state’s magnificence more.