Sports in Olinda

Typical for a Brazilian city, Olinda too has people who are avid sports fanatics, particularly in football. If you want to be where these locals gather to scream and support for their team, then you should head to the Municipal Stadium Eugenio de Araujo.

Reopened in June 2010, the stadium is situated in the neighborhood of Jardim Brazil. It is popularly known as Olindão. With a capacity of four thousand people, the stadium has already hosted the second division of the Pernambuco Football Championship.

Olindão used to be a field of beaten clay. It was acquired by the city government with the goal of making it Pernambuco’s new sports hub. It features comfortable bleachers, locker rooms, judges room, cafeteria, and access for players and other VIPs. In addition to these amenities, the stadium also has two dressing rooms, bathrooms, a snack bar, and a place for the guards to stay and keep an eye on the area.

The construction (which was spearheaded by the Ministry of Sports) of the structure alone cost around $ 1million.

Olinda may not have world-famous teams and sports icons – at least not yet – as in some of Brazil’s bigger cities, but being a part of the country itself does not exclude it from indulging the sports-lover side of its people. As tourists, this is something that you should not miss as well.