Ouro Preto for free

Going to Ouro Preto for a vacation is somehow a costly experience. However, with a little know-how about the city, you’d learn that not all things here have a corresponding price. In fact, going around the city, you’ll find a number of things that you can get for free.

Free Sights

Ouro Preto’s amazing architecture and streets that manifest its wealthy past are all for the tourists to behold for free. Designed by some of the country’s top architects and artists, many of the city’s structures and places have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Make the most of this experience and don’t forget to take pictures!

Free Entertainment

The city’s Winter Festival is among the things that many look forward to for its wide variety of entertainment. Offered for everybody for free, tourists can take part in the different workshops and lectures or be in awe with the many shows, songs, and dances.

Free Food

If you booked yourself in one of Ouro Preto’s hotels, chances are most of these establishments offer free breakfast on the duration of your stay. Not only will this give you food for free, but it will also provide you the energy you’d need to explore the city.

They say that the best things in life are free. Indeed, the things you experience in Ouro Preto for free are one of those you’d hardly forget. Other than sights, entertainment and food, the smiles, conversations, friendship, and memories you share with someone or with the locals are priceless.