Amazon River

The Amazon River located in South America is not just an ordinary river since it is the second longest in the planet Earth – just next to the Nile River in Africa as the longest river of all. Approximately, the river’s length is 6400 kilometers (4000 miles). Since the late decades, the battle of Nile and Amazon was absolutely tight to which river is the longest.

The Amazon River is said to be the source of about 20% of fresh water flowing into the oceans of the planet. The carrying capacity of the river also made it as the only river which carries more water than any others including the Nile. The large-scale watershed and the Amazon River’s tributaries—more than 1000 flowing streams like Madeira, Purus, Tocanins and Yapura pave its way to nature’s abundance compared to other rivers on Earth.

In terms of its paths, it is much as wide as one to six miles or even wider during flood seasons ranging from 10 to 20 miles (32kms) wideness in such areas. The runoffs of Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, Bolivia and Ecuador flow to the Amazon River. Moreover, scientists have analyzed that the river has taken different directions since it carried much of the water from the runoffs and rain as well. They have found out that the flow of water went to the west at some times or often, going to the Pacific Ocean.

Also called as the “Home of the Extremes”, the Amazon River is home to different and extraordinary species of animals. Over 3000 kinds of animals were determined yet constant discoveries are put into cogitation. Like the popularly known anacondas which lurk the waters of the River basin and harshly eat their large prey that gets closer to water. Also, it has been discovered that most of the largest animals in the world are found here. The largest catfish for example was said to be found in the river too. Piranha, a carnivorous fish treats the river as its own home. Attacking in group is their means of targeting their desired creatures jaunting into the fierce eyes of water.

Providing shelter to thousands of species and giving us more than fresh air and scenic views, it is just apt to give the Amazon River a visit or two to pay appreciation and tribute to the wonders it offer.