Buzios culture

Buzios is one of the cities in Brazil. And like all the other cities in the country, it is also a place that has a rich culture.

Beach culture

Despite it being a small town, Buzios has over 20 beaches. This has made it well known worldwide and these 20 plus beaches are one of the reasons that tourists flock the area. The various beaches offer something different for each tourist. There are beaches that you need to access through a trail, beaches where you can windsurf, beaches that just by seeing if you would get to appreciate and already enjoy its beauty, and beaches where you can just relax and take a swim in. But one thing is common to all the beaches in Buzios. It has clear blue waters that are truly inviting and has white sand that will make you want to walk barefoot.


The Portuguese colonizers introduced Catholicism in Buzios. It is also predominant in the Rio de Janeiro region and it is considered as its official religion. The presence of Catholicism in Buzios is evident in the number of old churches in the lower part of the town.


Buzios has a law that prohibits the construction of a building that will exceed two floors. This would allow the preservation of having an ocean view even though the town may be developed and have many buildings constructed. This law has influenced the architecture of the place. Aside from having just two floors, every building in Buzios is unique. No two buildings are the same though they may exhibit the same Spanish, Italian and Portuguese style. This makes the structures a sight to see aside from the pristine beaches available in the area.

Food and Drink

Caipirinha is a drink that originated in Buzios. It is made from a white spirit that they call Cacha, lime, and sugar. It is widely popular throughout Brazil, but it is in Buzios that you will find the best Caipirinha. If you are in Buzios, you shouldn’t miss this local delicacy.

The food in Buzios, on the other hand, is a mix of different tastes. This is because Buzios is home to different nationalities. Thai, Italian, French and Moroccan cuisines are only a few of the various gastronomic delights that one will enjoy in Buzios. Despite these different international cuisines though, Brazilian delicacies are also abundant in the area. Because Buzios is close to the ocean and has a rich sea life, the most delectable cuisine is the seafood offered by the many restaurants found in the area. You will never run out of grilled seafood to savor, like the lobster, shrimp, and prawns.