Beaches of Maceió

If you are one of those who love the sun and water, then Maceió will not fail you. With a number of fantastic beaches, more and more tourists appreciate what this capital of Alagoas has to offer.

Maceió beaches are categorized into two: urban and outer beaches. Choosing to which beach you are to spend your day in mostly depends on what activity you have in mind.

Urban Beaches

If you are thinking of the beach party and hanging out with a crowd of beachgoers, then Maceió’s urban beaches should be your destination. It has several clubs, bars, and great restaurants.  Urban beaches in Maceió are also perfect for experiencing local music and dance. Among the top urban beaches in the city are Ponta Verde, Jatiuca, Pajucara, and French Beach.

Ponta Verde boasts of clear and calm water. It offers an ideal place to do water sports such as diving and windsurfing. It is perfect for camping as well.

Jatiuca, on the other hand, is known for its nice waves and green waters. Many national surf championships are held here each year for the same reasons.

Pajucara is where a number of local families and tourists usually go when in the city. The beach is very calm which is a good feature especially to those who are with kids. Pajucara also showcases bicycle tracks, tents, and showers for the people’s convenience.

French Beach also known as Praia do Frances is located 21km from the city. It features warm waters that have a color varying from clear green to intense blue. The beach also highlights a wide range of beautiful reefs which makes it a good place to go swimming and snorkeling.

Outer Beaches

For those who prefer a quiet getaway with someone special or those who are not fond of big crowds, then Maceió’s outer beaches provide an ideal option. Located up the city’s north coast and down its south coast, the outer beaches are easily accessible by car. If you do not own a car though, there are tours and buses that will take you there. Some of the best outer beaches in the city are Ipioca, Pratagi, Sonho Verde, and Guaxuma.

Ipioca features its white sand, while Pratagi is famous for its number of natural swimming pools. Surrounded by coconut trees, Sonho de Verde is great to go swimming. Young ones often head to Guaxuma.

However you want to spend your beach vacation in Maceió, there is one that would suit your plan in the city.