São Paulo for adults

São Paulo for adults

São Paulo is not just a favorite destination among families and couples looking for some quality time together. The city’s bustling nightlife and mixed culture have also attracted the singles and even those who want to ‘stay’ single while on an official visit in the city. Unsurprisingly, São Paulo’s offerings for adults are also wide and varied. Definitely, the city is a perfect place for singles to have fun.


Adult professional services in the city can be found in many ways, among which are through escort services, night clubs, and clinical. Escort services in São Paulo refer to professional women and even men who advertise their services in the city’s main newspaper and the internet.


The night clubs are often referred to as boate which are houses offering a space for adults to mingle, many of these establishments offer adult performances as well, and whether and how the guests go out together already depends on them. Some of the city’s top night clubs are Kilt Shows (Rua Nestor Pestana, 266 – Downtown) which is one of the oldest and most traditional boates in São Paulo, Enigma Club. Swing house (Al. dos Aicás, 1287 – Moema), Ocean Club (Rua Nestor Pestana, 189 – Consolação), and Cafe Photo (Av. Hélio Pellegrino, 480) which is probably the most upscale cafe in the city. Most of these night clubs are quite pricey so do not go without enough cash in your wallet.


Clinicas are houses offering professional masseuses, with all services in-house. There are ‘extra’ services but these are already arranged between the customers and the masseuses. Some of São Paulo’s top massage clinics are My Way (Rua Leopoldo Couto Magalhães Jr., 777 – Itaim Bibi.), Spa Futtom (Rua Dr. Jesuíno Maciel, 1690 – Campo Belo.), Ching Ling (Rua Jesuíno Maciel, 1755 – Campo Belo), Advance Vip (Rua Profº. Santiago Dantas, 62 – Morumbi), and Sauna House (Av. Brigadeiro Luiz Antônio, 1278 – Bela Vista).


Aside from the three mentioned another place that’s in reference to places for adults in São Paulo are motels, which in the country only means one thing: a place offering a short-stay for people looking for privacy. There are many motels in São Paulo, most of which are located across it. There are those that offer luxurious facilities and those that are quite economical (for those who are in a budget).


Single or wanna-be singles will have the best time in São Paulo. Admit it or not, the adult offerings in the city are added attractions.