Salvador nightlife

Salvador da Bahia nightlife

Fun and party in Salvador mostly start at night. This is the time when tourists and locals alike go out to the city and have a good time – meet new people, have a good drink, enjoy a good music, or dance until the music stops. Salvador nightlife is never without the vigor and color that Brazil is known for throughout the world.


Below are just some of the places to head to when looking for Salvador night spots:


Bar da Ponta

Av. Contorno



Built of glass, Bar da Ponta offers a spectacular view of the Bay of All Saints, particularly in the afternoon. However, its ultramodern décor and wide list of wine are among the big come-ons of the bar when night strikes. The bar caters to mostly yuppies in their late 20s to early 30s; it is open from Monday through Saturday, from 6pm to 1am. To get to the bar, you can take a taxi to Praça Castro Alves or the Mercado Modelo.


Groove Bar




This live music venue is famous for its eighties rock music. Every Thursdays and Fridays, cover bands and other original acts play in the bar; Saturdays is dance and pop music day which include classics from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and a number of famous Brazilian artists.


Prices of drinks range from R$10-R$25.






The upscale Lotus club is the second Brazilian club which resembles to the fancy dance clubs in New York (the other one is located in Sao Paulo). This is the place to be when you want to rub shoulders with some of the country’s celebrities and personalities. Although there is a VIP area for this famous people, there is likely a big chance for you to bump on them on the dance floor or the lounge. Music played here ranges from pop to hip hop to dance.


As an upscale club, you should expect a pricey admission fee and expensive drinks.



Rio Vermelho



Offering a combination of live music and dance club venue, Boomerangue is a two-storey club decorated with boomerangs (thus with the name). Often, the club features two different bands and a DJ to keep customers entertained.


Teatro Castro Alves

Praça Dois de Julho s/n, Campo Grande



For tourists who are not in to the crowd and noise in dance clubs, Salvador has many venues dedicated to the performing arts as well. Among these is the Teatro Casto Alves which is known to be the home to the renowned Bahian Symphony Orchestra as well as the Balé de Castro Alves.


There’s an endless option on where to be in Salvador at night. Whether you want a party or sheer entertainment, the city’s nightlife will not disappoint.