Maceió for free

Compared to bigger Brazilian cities like Brasilia, Sao Paolo, and Rio de Janeiro, Maceió has a lower cost of living. Thus, expect to get a number ‘freebies’ when visiting the cities.

Here are some of the perks you can enjoy in Maceió without any cost:


City events like the Maceió Carnival and the Saint John Festival are often enjoyed for free. The carnival, which is a four-day event taking place before Lent is the local version of the Brazilian Carnival which is famous throughout the world; only in Maceió, the event is less crowded and less wild.

The Saint John Festival is another event in the city to enjoy free stuff. Happening every June 24, the city’s oldest and one of the most popular celebrations provide a lot of fun and merry-making to participants.

During these events, the parties, songs, and dances can be enjoyed for free!


Unless you have your own car to drive in the city, getting a free ride to get around Maceió would take some luck. However, the good thing about it being a small city is that many of its attractions can be reached on foot. Besides, with the beaches as its top feature, who needs a good car or vehicle? Walking along the city’s white beaches and enjoying the sun and water would not cost you anything at all anyway (that is if you do not consider on staying in one of the resorts or hotels).


Getting free food in the city is a matter of knowing where to get it. For one, the events and festivals (mentioned above) in Maceió offer some free food for the tourists and locals to enjoy together.

Free Attractions

Maceió is known for its many beautiful natural attractions and most of which can be savored and appreciated without you needing to spend a dime. The beaches, for instance, allow you to get wet and tan for free – that is if you do not check in in resorts or hotels.


They say that nothing in this world comes for free. But when you visit Maceió and experience its beauty and wonder without having to spend much (or nothing at all), you would easily realize why many would still say that the best things in life come for free!