Curitiba culture

Because it is inhabited by people coming from all over the world, tourists can expect a wide variety of culture in Curitiba, Brazil.


Curitiba art strongly has European influences. But regardless of its origin, the city promotes and appreciates art. Proofs of this are the city programs and events that encourage the formation of starting and struggling artists.


Curitiba’s Palladium Shopping Center, Southern Brazil’s biggest mall, is the first movie theater in Brazil to have an IMAX. Thus, moviegoers can expect quality movie experience while in the city. Aside from great movie houses, the city has theaters as well that stage various festivals and famous artists. Among these important theaters is the Guaíra Theater which is also the city’s biggest.


A number of museums showcasing the different aspects of Curitiba (its history, art, science, etc.) are found throughout the city. Included here is the State Museum of Curitiba which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil’s famous architect. The museum’s design was that of a Parana pine – seen on its construction that seems to defy gravity – which is one of Curitiba’s symbols. Many visitors though interpret the symbol as an eye which gave it its other name as Museu do Olho or the Museum of the Eye.

Other museums found in the city are the Museu Paranaense which centers on history and art; the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Latin America’s largest museum, dedicated to the art of plastic; Museu do Expedicionário which showcase Brazil’s participation in the Second World War; Museu da Imagem e do Som for photography and cinema enthusiasts; and the Museu de História Natural focused on botany and biology.


Curitiba music is as diverse as the people settling in it. From traditional music to pop, rock, jazz, and classical, there is a place in the city that will cater to your music type. Some of the top music venues in the city are the Empório São Francisco, Victoria Villa, and the Mondo Birre.


Influenced by immigrants from Japan, UAE, and Europe, Curitiba cuisines have a wide variety. Restaurants around the city have a different specialty, giving tourists a lot of options to take. A typical Brazilian cuisine though is composed of black beans, rice, and sausages sided by orange slices and borecole.

If there is one word that would describe the culture in Curitiba, then that would be “variety”. If going away from monotony is what you are looking for, then the city is a perfect destination.