Travelling to Buzios

Buzios is one of the places in Brazil that attract a lot of visitors because of the wide array of beautiful beaches you can choose to divulge yourself in. Since Brigitte Bardot, a famous French actress, visited the town in her time it has grown into worldwide prominence. If you are one among the many who wishes to see Buzios for all the hype you have heard about it, here are some travel tips on how to get there.

By plane

As of the moment, there are no direct commercial flights to Buzios. You can travel through the plane to Rio de Janeiro and from there you can take the bus or travel by car. If you have a private plane though, you may very well travel in it to the Buzios Umberto Modiano Airport. They are able to accommodate small planes and also corporate jets.

By bus

You can travel by bus to Buzios from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. If you want to take the route from Rio, there are daily trips by bus from there. You can go to the Rodoviária Novo Rio, the bus terminal in Rio, and buy your tickets there. You can also book in advance and pay through credit card. The latter is advisable during peak seasons, which are from December to March. From Sao Paolo, there are no daily trips available. Trips are only available every Friday and Sunday.

By sea

There are several international cruises that stop over at Buzios, especially between December and March. You can also take the charter boats to the town. Marina Porto Búzios, Búzios Yacht Club, and Porto Veleiro are the nautical services that are available.