Tourist information about Foz do Iguazu

When going on a trip to Foz do Iguazu, getting a handful of information about the city would sure help in making your stay all worthwhile. The following details are just some of the things that would come in handy while in the city:

Name Origin

Foz do Iguazu got its name because it is sitting at the Iguacu River’s mouth, where the waters of the Paraná River are discharged, and where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil are separated. Iguacu came from a Tupi-Guarani etymology referring to “large water”.

Distance from Other Cities in Brazil

From Curitiba, the state of Paraná’s capital, Foz do Iguazu is 640 kilometers away; it is 1050 kilometers away from Sao Paolo, and 1470 kilometers from the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Foz do Iguacu Falls

One of the city’s main tourist spot, the Foz do Iguacu Falls is also considered to be among the world’s natural wonders. With 275 falls occupying the 3 kilometers wide, and 80 meters high area, the falls are wider than Africa’s Victoria and higher than the US’ Niagara Falls. Boat rides are provided for tourists to take a closer look of this Brazilian wonder, with several hotels surrounding the area to offer accommodation.

Phone Codes and Important Numbers

If you need to make a call to Foz do Iguazu, do not forget the operator code of Brazil which is 55, and the city’s area code which is 45. Here are some of the important numbers you can make use when in the city:

  •  Customs:   3523-0358
  •  Airport:   3521-4200
  •  Telephone Directory Assistance: 102
  •  Tourist Assistance:  0800-451516
  •  Fire Department: 3523-1618
  •  24-hour Pharmacy: 3523-1929
  •  Foztrans Urban Transport: 3572-4662
  •  Federal Police: 3576-5500
  •  Civil Police:  3522-2331
  •  Americam Express:  0800- 785050
  •  Visa:    0800- 784428
  •  Ourocard:   0800- 990001
  •  Mastercard:   0800- 784466

Tourist Services

Foz do Iguazu’s infrastructure of services is among the things that attract many tourists, especially from the three borders of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Although with only 300,000 inhabitants, the services it provides is comparable to that in large urban centers. Among the needs it addresses are 24-hour pharmaceutical and medical, repair, banking, car rentals, Internet access, laundry, and photo labs. Aside from the hotel park, the city also provides tourists with special services such as translators, exchange houses, and professional tour guides. This ensures that visitors in the city enjoy and make the most of their stay.