Travelling to Olinda

For those who are planning to visit Olinda, in particular, those who are coming from outside the country, it would be important to note that there is no airport, not even bus stations in the city. To get to it, one would need to travel via Recife first.

From Recife, one can get to Olinda riding the following:


Olinda is located on the north of Recife; they are connected by expressways so that makes driving to the city easier and more convenient. From Recife’s Boa Viagem, the best route to take is Av. Boa Viagem. Taking northwards going to its end, tourists with cars would then need to turn left and keep going along the busy avenue of Agamemnon Magalhães for about 6 kilometers. After passing the Convention Center of Recife, there is an exit which heads towards Olinda.


Taking a cab going to Olinda would also be a good option for those who do not have their own car. Taxi fare can range from R$ 30 to R$ 40, which is approximately US$ 15 – US$ 20.


Although there is no bus station in Olinda, there are still quite a number of bus lines that serve those who commute from Recife to the city, and vice versa. Buses may not be comfortable for commuters but they are safe and cheap.