Places of interest in Foz do Iguazu

Foz do Iguazu is home to a wide range of nature’s wonders and interesting places. If you are a first-timer in the city, make sure the following are included in your itinerary:

The Iguacu Falls

No visit in the city will be complete without setting your foot in one of the cities and the country’s main attractions, the Iguacu Falls. With 60 meters of the average height of each of the 275 waterfalls, Iguacu Falls has often been compared to the Niagara Falls of the United States and the Victoria Falls of Africa. Its flow capacity is three times to that of Niagara.

Every year, thousands of tourists head to the area, especially in the Garganta do Diabo or the Devil’s Throat, which is on the side of Argentina. Boat rides are often provided to visitors for them to get a closer look of this magnificent spot.

Iguaçu National Park

The Parque Nacional do Iguaçu or the Iguaçu National Park is second to Brazil’s oldest national parks. Covering an area of 185 hectares on the side of Brazil and 67 acres on the side of Argentina, the park is considered to be the largest outside Amazon. The park’s environmental value and landscape’s beauty, which is among Atlantic Forest of Brazil’s last reserves,  are among the reasons why it is listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1986.

Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant

Supplying hydroelectric power and bordering 15 townships in both Brazil and Paraguay, the Idaipu Hydroelectric Plant is also considered by the American Association of Civil Engineers as among the modern world’s seven wonders. The plant is the result of the collaborative efforts of Brazil and Paraguay through 40,000 thousand workers who took the challenge of converting the waters of Paraná – one of the world’s greatest rivers – into electrical energy.

The structure is gigantic enough, the concrete used in building it would’ve built 210 of Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium, and steel and iron used to build it can erect 380 Eiffel towers.

Parque das Aves

Located close to the Iguacu Falls, Parque das Aves or the Birds Park was built in 1994 by two English biologists named Croukamp Dennis and Anna, who were also couples. The park was intended to be a theme attraction dedicated to allowing visitors to get a close look of a wide range of birds, mammals, and reptiles. It also showcases 135 species that are endangered. It is a perfect destination for families with kids.