Study in Blumenau, Brazil

The state of Santa Catarina is home to a number of exceptional universities and colleges; one of which known throughout the world is found in the city of Blumenau. – The Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau.

Known in English as the Regional University Foundation of Blumenau, the university was established in 1964. It is considered as a state landmark and has made huge contributions in the region in terms of providing highly capable and skilled professionals. It is also taking part in the hosting of cultural programs, projects and events that are not only of local but also of regional, national and international significance.

It hosts the Annual Forum for Scientific Initiative as well which showcases the outcome from researches that are made in Scientific Initiatives

Like most cities in the country, Portuguese is the main language used in almost all schools in Blumenau. There are, however, some high school institutions that include English and Spanish in their curriculum.

If you are planning to study in Blumenau, it would be wise to get a short course about the Portuguese first to help you learn faster. There are a number of language schools in the city that offer their services at reasonable prices. A more economical option though is to have an exchange language lesson with someone from the city – you teach him/her English while he/she teaches you Portuguese.