Places of interest in Fernando de Noronha

An archipelago of 21 islands and islets, tourists will have a lot of interesting places to see and experience in Fernando de Noronha – enough to compensate for the island’s lack of nightlife choices. Majority of the island’s attractions though is through its beautiful sandy beaches that provide a great venue for water activities like snorkeling, surfing, swimming, diving, and kayaking among others.


There are several beaches on the island. Some of which, are even considered to be among the country’s best. Among these is Baía do Sancho and Praia do Leão which showcase crystal clear waters that would captivate visitors.

Conceição is also one of these beautiful beaches that’s popular not just to tourists but to the islanders as well. A drink stand called Barbaridade is situated on the beach for tourists to take a stop in.


Porto, which is another attraction on the island, is where surfing enthusiasts can enjoy heavy waves that reach up to 13 feet tall from December to February. This is also where supply ships and visitors of the island dock. An alternative surfing site is the Cachorro beach that is alternately covered with pebbles and sands, depending on the year’s season (which is due to tidal movements).

Air France

Situated in Fernando de Noronha’s extreme northeast side, Air France, which used to be the base of Air France’s transatlantic flights in the 1930s, provides visitors with a spectacular view of the archipelago’s smaller islands. The Cultural Center of Fernande de Noronha is also found in the area.

Praia do Leão

Considered by many to showcase the archipelago’s best scenery, Praia do Leão is located in the island’s southeast side. It is also known to be the main area for sea turtles to lay eggs. The esguichos, pools, and fountains are just a few of the attractions in the area which is best visited in December until March.

Praia da Atalaia

Lying in the island’s National Marine Park, Praia da Atalaia is virtually a natural aquarium that showcases a wide range of marine creatures. The place can be reached through a trail starting at Vila do Trinta or by car following the road which is near the airport. The number of visitors though is limited to 30 per day.

Because beaches make up most of the interesting places in Fernando de Noronha, it is therefore advised for you not to forget your sun blocks and shades to give you protection from the sun’s heat.