Beaches of Porto de Galinhas

Beach lovers will not be disappointed with what Porto de Galinhas has to offer. Hailed by a number of travel magazines as Brazil’s best beach, here are some of the beaches in the district:

Gamboa Beach

Surrounded by palm trees with warm and clear waters, Gamboa Beach is located at the district’s northern part. With an environment that is almost of a desert, it provides visitors with natural swimming pools that are perfect for bathing.

Cupê Beach

One o the best leisure options while in Porto de Galinhas, Cupê Beach boasts of its strong waves that are perfect for surfers. With beat sand, this is where most of the district’s good hotels are situated.

Muro Alto Beach

Muro Alto, which literally means “high wall”, had its name after its tall reefs that stand approximately 50meters from the beach. During low tide, an enormous swimming pool appears the beach, somehow looking like a lake in the sea. If you are keen to stay at a luxurious hotel, this is where you should be.

Porto de Galinhas Beach

The perfect beach, especially for children, Porto de Galinhas Beach offers a relaxing and calm environment. With colorful fish to be viewed in clear waters, the beach is a great place to spend time and bond with your family. Surrounded by restaurants and bars, it provides a more urban setting.

Enseadinha Beach

One of the highlights of this beach is its coral reefs that form many natural swimming pools. Its small waves and calm water provide a perfect venue for bathing.

Maracaípe Beach

The ideal beach for surf lovers, Maracaípe Beach features great waves that make it a perfect venue for surfing competitions. Here, tourists can get a taste of “Pernambucanian” food that is simply irresistible. Among the added attractions on the beach is the Pontal de Maracaípe. As the meeting point of the river and ocean water, it good to do yachting and kayaking here.

Pontal de Serrambi Beach

Those who are a fund of deep seas, the Pontal de Serrambi Beach is the beach to be. With sunken ships and rich submarine life, tourists can enjoy a great dining experience here. Strong waves and great reef formation are also featured on the beach.

Cacimbas Beach

The formation of arenite reefs that are mostly 50 meters wide is one of the beach’s highlight. On a high tide, great natural swimming pools are formed. It also has small caves that seem to have been sculpted on the sea water and a number of palm trees that add to Cacimbas Beach’s beauty.

These are just a few of the beautiful beaches in Porto de Galinhas. When already there, you’d find out more of these beautiful attractions.