Recife for free

Recife for free

Taking on a vacation does not come cheap. However, with proper research and right information, you’ll learn that the things you get for free are still better. When you are in Recife, you will be amazed with the number of sights and places that you can enjoy without having to spend much or anything at all!


Tourist attractions for free


Most of the places of interest in Recife are free to explore. Its beaches for one, does not require any entrance fees –unless of course if you check in in a resort or dine in a hotel. Do not miss to stroll and take a dip on Boa Viagem Beach which is known to be among the country’s best beaches. At night, several free entertainment and party takes place in the beach.


Religious structures, such as churches, in Recife are always open for everyone as well. Among the city’s great churches are the Franciscan Convent of Saint Anthony, which is one of Brazil’s most beautiful churches; the Saint Peter of Clerics Cathedral, which is interesting because it is an exact replica of Santa Maria Maggiore Sanctuary in Rome; and the Our Lady of the Rosary of the Black Men, which attracts churchgoers for its wooden altar with gold engravings.

The historic buildings that adorn the streets of Recife can be enjoyed by everybody for free, too! Check out the Teatro do Parque or the Parque Theater, which is known to be one of the city’s three oldest theaters. The Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue will also fascinate tourists as well. Erected in the 17th century, the synagogue is America’s oldest.

Free parties and celebrations


Recife is a city who loves to party! – And most of these events are held for everybody to enjoy; that is, free of any charges. Among the celebrations people in Recife look forward to are the Saint John Festival, which takes place on June 24; the Saint Anthony and Saint Peter Festivals, taking place on June 12 and June 29, respectively.


As a part of Brazil, the carnival is another big celebration in Recife participated both by many locals and tourists. Celebrated four days before Lent, carnival in Recife is filled with a lot of merry-making, dancing, and people in colorful costumes.


Recife will never run out of fun and exciting costless things to do; proving that indeed, the best things in life all come for free.