Tourist Information about Blumenau, Brazil

In going to a foreign city, you need to make yourself familiar with the basics like their currency, timezone, phone codes and the list goes on. You want to be prepared so that your travel will be hassle-free and thus you can make it more enjoyable.


Blumenau was very much influenced by German culture. Dr. Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau who was the city’s founder, with its early settlers, were German and they left a large part of their culture. Among this was their language. A majority of the population can speak German. Other languages that are spoken in Blumenau are Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Time Zone

Blumenau’s standard time is at UTC/GMT -3-hour time zone. Currently, it is not following daylight savings time.

Phone Codes

It is important to know what the phone codes are of the country and city you are traveling to. This will be helpful for family members or friends back home who need to contact you. If you are also traveling from city to city, you will need these codes. The area code for Brazil is +55 and the local code for Blumenau is 47. If you need to make a phone call to Blumenau, just dial 1-55-47 + the number.


Brazil’s currency is Real (R$). It has a lower value than that of euros and dollars. One real is equivalent to 100 centavos.


Blumenau has what is called a subtropical climate. This is developed in the transition from Argentina’s temperate climate and Brazil’s tropical climate. The city has an average of 16.6°C (61°F) during winter and an average of 30°C (87°F) during summer, which is generally warm and humid. This is due to the fact that the city found below the Topic of Capricorn.


It is also useful to know the city’s holidays so you will know on what days some of the establishments may be closed and on what days you will see celebrations in the city. Blumenau also observes some of the holidays that are celebrated in Germany. These are Good Friday, Corpus Christi and Carnival. Other holidays celebrated in Blumenau are Tiradentes Independence day on every April 21st, Independence day every September 7th, Senhora Aparecida every October 12th and the proclamation of the republic every November 15th.

Rules on Drinking and Driving

Blumenau has a law which maintains zero tolerance for drinking and driving. During the Oktoberfest celebration, the city even has a program known as Oktober Segura or safe October in which a group would be tested on the breathalyzer to determine who among them is the safest to drive.