Rio de Janeiro Culture

Culture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro is a place considered to have a very rich yet diverse culture. It in fact is well-known to be the country’s cultural capital. Its rich architecture, classic and cotemporary art, and world-renowned music are all at no par.


Art and Architecture


Rio de Janeiro has made a good job of preserving their past while progressing into the modern world. In the streets of Rio you will still be able to see churches whose architecture dates back from the 16th century. And the most amazing thing about it is you’ll see this alongside new structures from the 20th century.


Rio is also host to 50 museums which are in buildings that are considered part of their national heritage. The Bank of Brazil Cultural Center, Modern Art Museum, and the National Museum of Fine Arts are some of these said historical landmarks that are committed to being world class institutions in terms of art and architecture. Rio is also the venue of various art exhibitions.




Samba, which originated in Brazil, is widely known as the country’s musical symbol. It is also known worldwide as something that is distinctive of Brazil. The country even celebrates a National Day for Samba which falls on December. The Carnival which celebrates Samba music falls on the month of February though and this is very much participated and flocked by tourists worldwide. Another music that is popular in Rio de Janeiro Brazil is the Bossa Nova. This is a type of music that is a combination of jazz, impressionist music and of course Samba.




The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a celebration that dates back to 1973. It is participated by different samba schools that can comprise an actual school or just a group of samba enthusiasts who want to take part in the event. The festival lasts for four days and the highlight of the event is the samba parade that showcases the participants’ samba dance moves and extravagant costumes. The parade takes place in the Sambadrome.


The New Year Celebration is another festival that is much anticipated in Rio. The most popular of which is the celebration at the Copacabana beach. This is crowded by a lot of tourists yearly. The fireworks show that last 30 minutes is the main attraction of the celebration. The magnificent displays of bright lit that adorn the whole city is also one thing to watch out for during this time.