Sports in Buzios

Football or soccer being the national sport of Brazil, it is also widely played in Buzios. Aside from this though there are a lot of other sports that are played in the city. Most of these involve water, as the city is enveloped by a number of beautiful beaches.

Water Sports

Scuba diving is one sport that is greatly enjoyed in Buzios. The city is home to a very rich marine life that is why it is a delight going underwater and seeing these water creatures in its natural habitat. If you are not a professional scuba diver, you can still enjoy the view of the underwater world at about 12-25 meters deep.

Windsurfing is another water sport that is practiced in Buzios. Famous Olympic champions are even seen frequently in the area as it serves as a great venue to practice the sport. Competitions are also held in Buzios. The Tartaruga and Ferradura Beaches are the spots for the beginners of the sport, while the Manguinhos and Raza Beaches are for the more experienced windsurfers.

Other Sports

Capoeira is another sport that is played in the area. This is a mix of local martial arts and dance. Various Capoeira schools are available in Buzios for those who would want to learn the sport. There are also famous Capoeira dancers in the school ready to teach you or at least just to show you how it is done.