Sports in Maceió

Maceió is known for its fabulous beaches. Thus, when visiting the city, expect a number of water sports that you can enjoy yourself or with your family and friends. Among these water sports are surfing, sailing, and scuba diving.

A number of Maceió beaches are famous for having great waves, therefore providing an ideal place to surf. Some of these beaches are Jatiuca which often holds national surfing championships, Jacarecica, and Barra de Sao Miguel.

For sailing enthusiasts, the beach of Pacajura is a good place to be. Sao Miguel also provides an ideal venue to sail.

Some Maceió beaches are perfect for diving as well. Included in the city’s top diving spots are the beaches of Ponta de Verde and Praia de Frances. Having beautiful reefs, tourists will have a great time diving in these beaches.

But water sports aren’t the only sports that one can enjoy in Maceió. Home to a number of soccer clubs such as the Clube de Regatas Brasil or the CRB, the Centro Sportivo Alagoano or the CSA or sometimes called the Alagoanos, and the Corinthians Alagoano, soccer lovers will also have fun in the city.

So whether you are a water or field enthusiasts, Maceió will have something for your athletic side.