Places of interest in Recife

Places of Interest in Recife, Candeias Beach

There are a lot of attractions that you can visit while in Recife. There are a number of great beaches that you can go to. If you want to go sightseeing, you can also experience Recife’s rich culture by seeing the old churches, historic buildings, and various museums that the city offers.




The Boa Viagem Beach in Recife is considered as one of the greatest urban beaches in the world. It boasts of having white sands and wide walkways. Along the walkway, you will see a lot of stores selling food and drinks, including the agua de coco or coconut water that one must surely try.


Others beaches that you can go to are Piedade and Candeias.




The Convento Franciscano de Santo Antônio or Franciscan Convent of Saint Anthony is one of the biggest attractions in Recife. It is considered as one of the most beautiful churches in the entire Brazil. Its highlight is the Capela Dourada or Golden Chapel which holds an altar that has gold engravings.


The São Pedro dos Clérigos or Saint Peter of Clerics Cathedral is located inside the Saint Peter Square and is surrounded by colonial buildings. It is an exact replica of Rome’s Santa Maria Maggiore Sanctuary.


The Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Homens Pretos or Our Lady of the Rosary of the Black Men was built during the 17th century by the black slaves that were originally in Recife to work for the sugarcane industry. The main altar of the church is made out of wood but has gold engravings.




The Ricardo Brennand Institute holds a collection of Brazilian as well as European artifacts between the 15th and 19th century. The collection includes artifacts that belonged to the Dutch occupation.


The Museu do Homem do Nordeste or the Museum of the Northeastern Man on the other hand holds a collection that depicts the Pernambuco culture specifically the time of the sugarcane industry and the lifestyle of the northeastern man.


The Parque das Esculturas is a must see in Recife. It holds Francisco Brennand’s works including over 90 sculptures. This sculpture park is situated above reefs on the Recife port and can be reached by canoe.


Historic Buildings


The other attractions in Recife that you can also see are the historic buildings that adorn the city. There are a number that are situated all over the city. One of these is the Teatro do Parque or Parque Theater. It is among the three oldest theatres in the city.


The Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue is another one. It was built during the 17th century and is the Americas’s oldest synagogue.