Tourist information about João Pessoa

João Pessoa, Paraibana state’s capital, is considered to be among the oldest cities in the Northeast part of Brazil. A number of the city’s historic treasures – going back 400 years – are still kept, or at least manifested, in many of its landmarks and sights; attracting many tourists to visit it year after year. But before you pack your bags and fly to the city, this useful information would gear you in your João Pessoa exploration.

Like many cities in Brazil, the climate in João Pessoa is perfect for a year-round vacation. Its temperature goes on an average of 24ºC a year and a maximum of 29ºC. It has a total land area of 210.45 square kilometers and elevation of 40 meters or 131 feet.

Among the best times to check the city is in January when Micaroa – one of João Pessoa’s most festive carnival parties – is held. The National Arts Festival or FENART is another event that is being looked forward by many tourists and locals alike as well. Happening annually, the event that takes place in José Lins do Rego Cultural Space has been bringing together artists from around the country, and even from some parts of the world.

The city’s area code is 83; thus, if your family and friends would like to reach you while you are in João Pessoa, instruct them to dial 55 first, which is Brazil’s country code, followed by 83 then your number.

In case of emergency or inquiries, these numbers are what you should dial:

  •  Tourism Information  +55(83)3218-6655
  •  Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport +55(83)3232-1200
  •  Bus Station   +55(83)3221-9611
  •  Municipal City Hall of João Pessoa   +55(83)3218-9797

João Pessoa is 125 kilometers away from the cities of Campina Grande and Recife, 180 kilometers from Natal, 688 kilometers away from Fortaleza, 944 kilometers away from Salvador, and 2, 338 kilometers away from the country’s capital, Brasilia. Getting around the city though is relatively easier compared to these big cities as its public transportation system is considered by many to be comprehensive and tourist-friendly.

There are a lot of things that await tourists in the city of João Pessoa aside from its varied historic attractions. But while it is fun to stroll around in a new place, being a total stranger in that area would just spoil it. So take your time to research about the city – such as getting familiar with the information above – to help make the best of your time while you are in João Pessoa.