Places of interest in Buzios

Buzios is a fishing village in Brazil that is visited by tourists from all over the globe. The main attraction of this small town is its beaches, all 23 of them. But aside from these, there are also a lot more to see in this place.


This is said to be the number one leisure when in Buzios. All 23 beaches are a sight to see and a place to surely visit to experience the deep blue waters and get that sun-tan. If you don’t have the time to visit all 23 of them, be sure to visit the Azeda Beach, João Fernandinho Beach, Ferradura Beach, and the Geribá Beach.

Azeda beach is a small calm beach that you can get to through a trail from Ossos beach. You can also get there by boat. In João Fernandinho Beach, aside from the crystal clear waters that you can enjoy, you can also take pleasure in the bars nearby where you can munch great seafood available. The Ferradura Beach, on the other hand, is a sight with its bay that is shaped like a horseshoe. It also has bars available nearby that serve food and drinks that are distinctive of Buzios. And lastly, the open beach of Geribá is the place to go if you would want to surf. This is the beach that is frequented by famous personalities.


There are various natural reserves that tourists can also visit when in Buzios. Emerências Reserve is a natural wonder in Buzios where you can see exotic plants and the purest Atlantic Forest plant life. This is also the home of the golden tamarin monkeys. The Tauá Reserve, on the other hand, serves as a bird and butterfly sanctuary. You will be able to see 60 different kinds of birds and 300 types of butterflies here.

Rua das Pedras

This is the place to be if you want to enjoy and experience Buzios’s nightlife. This 400m long strip holds various bars, nightclubs, restaurants, galleries and stores. The various bars offer something different for the tourists. You can go to bars where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a bottle or two. There are also bars you can go to for all-night partying and crowd mingling.

Trolley Sightseeing

One sure way to enjoy all the sights of Buzios is through the trolley sightseeing tour. Tourists can ride the flatbed truck that seats 35 people. The tour includes visits to Buzios’s famous beaches, coves, and other attractions. It starts at the Praia da Armacao, goes through Ilha do Caboclo, Praia do Canto, and Ponta do Criminoso then it ends with a view of Praia Olho de Boi, Ilha Feia, Jaoa Fernandes, and Praia Brava.