Salvador for free

Salvador da Bahia for free

The best things in life are always for free. In Salvador, there are many things that you can enjoy without spending anything! Here are some of them…


The spectacular views


Offering a classic viewpoint of the city is the Farol de Barra. Built in 1598, the old lighthouse is part of the colonial fort erected by the Portuguese. Here you will get glimpse of the point where the Bay of All Saints and the Atlantic Ocean meet, and needless to say, the sunset here is one of the most anticipated views by visitors.


To get a view of the city itself, the Forte de Monte Serrat is the best stop. Located at the foot of a headland, here you will see Salvador at its best – the Bay of All Saints stretching to the city, the old part of Salvador standing on the cliffs above, and the rising buildings of the modern city.


Free museums


Museums are great stops, especially for families. In Salvador, there are several museums that offer free admission. Two of these museums are Museu Tempostal (071/3117-6383) and Museu da Cidade (071/3321-1967).


Located in Pelourinho, Museu Tempostal features a large collection of postcards that dace from 1880s to the 1990s. Most of these postcards center on Salvador itself, thus, visiting the museum will give you a good perspective of the growth and changes. The museum is open from Tuesdays through Fridays from 10am to 6pm, and Saturdays through Sundays from 1pm to 7pm.


The Museum da Cidade on the other hand contains a collection of old city maps and photographs. Although many of these pieces are not in English, anyone with keen interest with history, will appreciate the offerings in the museum – besides, it’s for free!


Aside from the views and the museums, many of the old structures in Pelourinho are for everyone to enjoy free of charge as well. Attractions like the Casa de Jorge Amado, which is dedicated to the prolific writer; the Solar do Unhão, which showcases beautifully preserved buildings; and the Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, which is the city’s most famous church are all for everyone to explore for free!


A trip to Salvador should not be all about expenses. Knowing the right places to be, you will see that many of the top sights in the city can actually be enjoyed without spending anything.