Buzios institutions

Buzios is famous for its different beaches and vibrant nightlife. Because of this, tourists flock the town regularly. This has made tourism as its main source of livelihood in the town. Most of the locals have jobs that are in relation to the tourism industry, working in hotels, inns, bars, and restaurants that have tourists as its frequent and main customers.

Hotels, Inns and other Accommodations

There are over 200 different kinds of accommodations available in Buzios. These range from the pousadas or small hotels to the big guest houses and five-star resorts. Wherever in Buzios, you may be, you will never have a hard time getting a place to stay.

RH Serena Buzios in Geriba Lake is one hotel that has been given the five-star ranking. Its lush interior and rich architecture, as well as the number of services offered, are what bring visitors to this place. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, spa and Wi-Fi connection available for the guests to enjoy. Pousadas Unicornio Hotel in Ferradura Beach, on the other hand, is one of the accommodations is Buzios given the four-star status. The hotel is known for its service centered on the guests’ experience, giving them the utmost relaxing and comforting time during their stay.

Pousada Bella Nina at the City Center is another hotel that has the four-star ranking. It has 24-hour room service and transportation service to and from the airport. Villa Rasa Marina Hotel is located in Praia Rasa, which is the most exclusive and peaceful area of Buzios. This is another hotel in Buzios that draws tourist into its home. The hotel is also known for its succulent menu that features Mediterranean cuisine.

These hotels are only a few of the many hotels that offer world-class service and that make tourists want to come back for more.

Restaurants and Bars

Buzios is considered as having the best cuisines in the entire country of Brazil. As it is home to a variety of international cuisines, there are a number of restaurants that showcase these different tastes. This is due to the mix of cultures that are in Buzios which was a result of immigrants coming from different nationalities that decided to settle there.

Seafood, pizzas, and crepes. These are also very common in Buzios. There are a number of establishments that offer their different take on these different types of food. Brigitta´s and Osso Perdido are among the many restaurants in Buzios known for its succulent seafood servings. Chez Michou is a restaurant in Buzios that has been there for 23 years, and they are known for serving crepes.

Whether it may be restaurants or bars that one would want to visit, the place to be is in Rua das Pedras. This is a 400m-long street that holds the town’s most famous and most frequented establishments. This street plays a major role in Buzios’ economy.