São Paulo for free

São Paulo for free

Other than Rio, São Paulo would probably be one of the most visited cities in Brazil. However, because of its great attractions and warm and friendly people, many tourists presume visiting the city is very expensive. While it holds true for some, those who are in a budget would be delighted to know that São Paulo has in fact a number of interesting places that does not require any fees.


Here are some of São Paulo’s free attractions:


Altino Arantes Building


A gigantic skyscraper situated at the heart of the city, the Altino Arantes Building would make its visitors in awe with its style and height. Taking inspiration from the US’ Empire State Building, the Brazilian structure was specially built to ensure the city’s finances. A view from the top of the building would give you a spectacular sight of the entire metropolis. And the best thing about it is its free admission!


Metropolitan Cathedral


The Metropolitan Cathedral offers a (free) glimpse to the Brazilian faith. A mesmerizing attraction, the cathedral is known to be São Paulo’s biggest sanctuary with a capacity of more than 8000 people. Among the remarkable features of the church are its stained glass windows and its Neo Gothic designs that would give visitors an idea of the South Americans’ belief.


Santa Fe Plaza


A well-known historical area, the Santa Fe Plaza is an open recreational place for everyone. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation, the plaza, which is also filled with benches, is a perfect stop for those who want to explore some important landmarks in the city, including the Loretto Chapel, the St. Francis Cathedral, and even the Palace of the Governors.


The Botanical Gardens


A visit to São Paulo is never complete without dropping by at the Botanical Gardens. With free admission, the place is usually flocked by crowds of people, mostly tourists, who want to explore some of the place’s recreational areas. Among the features of the Botanical Gardens are its picturesque palm trees, its beautiful orchidarium, and its colorful flowers. The relaxing ponds with breathtaking landscape attract many visitors as well.


Ibirapuera Park


The Ibirapuera Park is distinguished to be among the city’s most tranquil places with various activities to enjoy for free. Its showcase of 100 bird species and refreshing fountains are just some of the park’s features loved by many on-goers. Inaugurated in 1954, the park is one of São Paulo’s most popular parks for its wide range of offerings and activities.


São Paulo free attractions just prove how flexible the city can be to its visitors. Whether or not you have enough money to spend in the city, this would not hinder you from enjoying and appreciating its beauty.