Itineraries Maceió

Maceió may already offer you a handful of activities to enjoy and experience, but if you need some breather in the city, your best option is Maragogi.

About 125 kilometers from the state’s capital city, Maragogi also boasts of beautiful white sandy beaches with lots of palm trees and natural swimming pools. It has over 25,000 inhabitants and is located on the easternmost part of the Alagoas state. Next to Maceió, it is the state’s main tourist destination.

With 22 kilometers of coastline, Maragogi would almost equal Maceió’s great beaches. Among its famous beaches are Praia de São Bento, Beach Camacho, Maragogi Beach, Beach Burgalhau, and Praia de Ponta Mangue among others.

Maragogi too has one of the world’s most interesting coral formations. With a rich flora and fauna, these formations make beautiful natural pools, especially during low tides. It is included in the Environmental Preservation Area Coral Coast that stretches from Alagoas’ Paripueira to Pernambuco’s Tamandaré. The coastlines open to the visitor are Galés, Barra Grande, and Taoca.

Other places of interest in Maragogi are the Rio Maragogi which showcases preserved mangroves and the Porto de Pedras lighthouse which is the place where Peter II camped in during their travels in the region.

At night, Maragogi offers a sense of tranquillity that would relax tourists and give them a stress-free environment. A pleasant walk on the beach, watching the moonlight, and listening to the breeze of the ocean waves will complete a nighttime experience in Maragogi.

There are a lot of souvenir shops in Maragogi that tourists can visit before they head back to Maceió. On its streets, a few stalls sell handcrafted products such as lace and bags made from banana fiber. A cooperative of artisans, the House of the Entrepreneur, which is located on the coast, also offer interesting souvenir pieces. Cookie lovers should head to the village of St. Benedict to get a taste (and take home some) of its delicious, sweet and salty Maragogi cookies.

A monotonous vacation should never be an option for tourists. If you think you’ve had enough of what Maceió has to offer, granting that you’ve already explored every corner of it, Maragogi would give you something new to experience. Although both have the same beautiful beaches, tourists who’d check out Maceió’s neighboring town would see how the two are different despite some similarities in its setting, thus making them appreciate Maceió and the state of Alagoas more.