Transports in Salvador

Transports in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Salvador’s transport infrastructure is well-maintained. Its main airport, the Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport, which is conveniently situated close to the city’s metropolitan area and main attractions, have made getting in and around the city easier and comfortable to many tourists coming from both inside and outside Brazil.


Aside from the airport, the city also has efficient bus lines, metro trains, and taxis as transport options. Among these, the most popular transport are the buses as they are very cheap and easily accessible, running around the city from 5 in the morning until the midnight.


Taxis in Salvador are many as well. They can be hailed in taxi stands or just around the street. On average, taxi-goers pay a surcharge of around R$3 to R$5. Although more expensive than buses, Salvador taxis are very comfortable.


The city metro, which is currently under construction, is advised for those who want to get around the state of Bahia. Connecting important cities of the state, the metro has 2 lines and 8 stations. Each train of the metro has four cars, with a capacity to hold 1,250 passengers.


Car rentals in Salvador are not recommended to tourists as there are very limited parking areas, particularly in Pelourinho where it really has none. However, if you wish to go outside the city, cars would be very useful.