Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza is the capital city of Ceara, one of Brazil’s 27 states that are located in the Northeastern region. It is becoming a favorite tourist destination because of the sunny beaches, vibrant nightlife, great cuisine, and friendly and hospitable locals. You can get all these in this one city.

The best part is Fortaleza is the city in Brazil that has the sunniest days so you won’t spoil your vacation just staying at your hotel room because of the pouring rain. For sure you will get to enjoy the many attractions the city offers and get to enjoy your trip 100%.


There are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go to Fortaleza. If you want to go out and enjoy the sun, the city offers a number of beaches that are ideal for swimming, water sports, or just for a day of relaxation.

Praia do Futuro is the favorite beach destination in Fortaleza. It is ideal for sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. In fact, it has been host to various international competitions. Various surfers from around the world visit Fortaleza to take part or just to witness the competitions. The area is also a good place to learn the sport as it offers equipment at low cost and also has a low tuition cost for surfing schools. Other beaches to visit are Praia de Iracema, Praia de Meireles, and Praia do Mucuripe.


If you want to experience the nightlife in Fortaleza, there are also a number of bars that are great places to go to. When in the city though you must never miss going to Pirata Bar. This bar provides the best Monday nights in the entire planet. Although it is open only once a week, every Monday, it is fully packed and is heavily attended by locals and tourists alike. Other bars to check out are Mucuripe, Pagliuca Café, Pontal de Iracema, and Cais Bar.


Fortaleza also offers festivals and events that you can enjoy. The city has its own celebration of the Carnival that is done off-season at the end of July. You will see dancing, singing, and various street performers. Fortaleza also celebrates the June Bonfire Festival and the Festival of the Goddess of the Sea and these events are also worth checking out as they truly give you a taste of Fortaleza culture and entertainment.